We are excited to host this seminar for students of Classical Aikido

We are excited to host this seminar for students of Classical Aikido and for all aikido members, to train in this unique and complex series of teachings passed down from Shirata Sensei, one of the founder’s earliest and most dedicated students. For many decades, Shirata Sensei taught this well organized system of abundant techniques in Yamagata, Japan. We are fortunate to have one of his long-time students transmit this special aikido directly to us.

Our Featured Instructor will be:


Weekend training:

August 31-September 2

There will be space for everyone in our new dojo. We also hope to be able to do aiki-ken and aiki-jo practice outdoors by the ocean, at Coconut Island (weather permitting).

There will be lots of training so please pack all your practice gear. For outdoor training, please bring closed shoes and a jo & boken.

The seminar fee covers your participation in all classes. Teens may attend at a discount. Meals and lodging are separate. We will have a Saturday evening dinner and party which is pot luck. There will be optional group meals at restaurants but these are “pay as you go”.

Accommodations are available at various local hotels. We have negotiated special rates at Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, right on the bay. To take advantage of the special rates, you must use their reservation form or follow instructions for internet or phone reservations. See our web site for details. Other lodging options are at our web site: www.AikidoOfHilo.org Please plan early! Make your reservations for air travel, hotel and rental car as soon as possible. This long weekend is a busy time for travel to Hilo, so don’t be disappointed. For those arriving from off island, we suggest you get a rental car, but if you need a ride, please contact us early so a pick up can be arranged.

For those coming Saturday, plan to arrive before 9:00 if you can. Reserve flights and cars ASAP! Travel to Hilo is always busy on this Labor Day Holiday weekend! PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!! We ask that you complete your registration by Friday 7/19/19 for a discounted rate. Seminar fees are higher after that time. Note that this also is the final date for our special hotel rate. We are delighted to welcome Stevens Sensei and aikido students from throughout Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, Europe and elsewhere around the world!”

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